Polka Dots and Fringe

Polka-Dots-and-FringePolka Dots and Fringe (4)

I think we can all agree that fringe has been the obsession this winter for each and every one of us. From fringed leather jackets, to fringed bags and cross bodies, to even fringed boots, I can’t but admit that this adorable major trend is taking over in the fashion department and I CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF IT! I know that it’s just a trend and will probably be long gone before we know it, but for the time being, it’s all I wanna wear! Whether dressed up (like above) or dressed down with a basic T-shirt, this skirt will beyond any doubt do the talking and make a daring statement. But If you’re reading this and thinking, um the skirt is leather…like how do I get around that? Well, you don’t! You embrace it! It’s also the main reason why leather is the perfect winter fabric because it keeps you looking edgy and obviously super flirty as witnessed here ha! But no need to worry, because you can easily tone down the edginess of the leather fringe with a little infusion of romantic polka dots.There’s nothing more downright perkier than polka dots. Am I right? Now I’m not really a big fan of dark colors, that’s why I switched up the doom and gloom of an all black outfit by pairing it with a bright neon pink cross body bag to add a pop of color! Fringe skirts are not only super flirty and feminine, but THEY ALSO SWISH WHEN YOU WALK!!!

xo Marwa

Pictures captured by the sweetest Sama Hajdib!❤️❤️

Outfit Details:

H&M Fringed Leather Skirt | H&M Black Polka Dotted Mesh Long Sleeve Top | Charles and Keith Cross Body Bag | Les Amis Boutique Flats(couldn’t find them online, but any black flats/heels will match perfectly)




  1. Hey beauty! keep up the good work
    love, your best friend.

  2. Marwa the outfit looks greaaaaaat Especially on you 😉