Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette Review

As I vowed to include a bit more beauty here on the blog, showing you what I have actually been liking seems like a somewhat obvious good start. As I’ve said before, I am by no means a beauty expert but I’m always looking for those products that do what they say on the tin…. and work. If you are starting to consider upping your eyeshadow game from neutrals to warmer tones, then this one’s for you….

If you’re new to makeup, you might pass up the Modern Renaissance Palette at first, eschewing it for something more traditional: more nude, muted, browns and some light shades with a black or grey, too.

That is what we call a Naked Palette, and you can pick one up any day any time.

It’s a staple. No shame in that.

On a quest to find a new eyeshadow palette, I watched what felt like a hundred YouTube videos to get some recommendations. The number one most raved about palette was definitely the Anastasia Beverly Hills ‘Modern Renaissance’ palette. I figured most of the reviews on YouTube were biased, sponsored reviews, so I headed to the Sephora website to see what other opinions I could find about the palette. The reviews were stellar and the palette was currently number one on the ‘most popular’ products on the site. My mind was made up. My sister headed to her local Sephora, only to discover it was completely sold out! Luckily she was able to get her hands on the palette a week later. I have lots of thoughts about this palette, so I hope that you can find my opinion helpful if you are considering this eyeshadow palette.

The Modern Renaissance Palette was inspired by the colors of the Renaissance. It is for someone looking for that next step in eyeshadow; they can apply a nude smokey eye with little effort, but they’re getting bored with it. The shades included aren’t for the faint-hearted.

What drew me in was the beautiful variety of warm shades. I love how there are a ton of everyday neutrals, but there are also a handful of fun colors that are still incredibly wearable & on trend. I also find that this eyeshadow palette looks beautiful on all eye colors and all skin tones. The Modern Renaissance palette has definitely re-sparked my love for makeup, and it’s really encouraged me to be a little creative. It has shades like tempera and golden ochre that are perfect for a daily basis. However, with shades like venetian red and love letter, you can totally make some really unique, glam looks for night.

Here’s a quick rundown on the colors and my thoughts. Top row left to right, then bottom row left to right in order:

o             Tempera: a very light peachy/nude color, meant for brow highlighting/inner corners and blending.

o             Golden Ochre: A matte, golden color. It blends fabulously into the skin.

o             Vermeer: A fabulously shimmery take on rose quartz. This is my favorite color in the palette. It could easily double as a highlighter.

o             Buon Fresco: Another creamy pigmented matte shade, the color of mauve with the ever-so-slight hint of shimmer.

o             Antique Bronze: A surprisingly rusty, shimmery brown. It definitely applies more red-hued than you would expect. Simply gorgeous color.

o             Love Letter: A red wine-toned dark pink shade. My initial thought is “who the hell would wear this?!” but it looks like the prettiest version of a smokey eye you can imagine. This is a matte shade.

o             Cyprus Umber: a true umber (dark brown) in matte shade. The red-undertoned version of a dark shade in a Naked Palette.

o             Raw Sienna: Matte, dark yellow-brown.

o             Burnt Orange: Matte, slightly lighter and slightly more orange than Raw Sienna.

o             Primavera: My second favorite shade in the palette. This gold shimmer really kills it, and could double as a highlighter. It’s the perfect shade for the middle of the lid.

o             Red Ochre: A matte, dark burnt red shade. The color of dark rust. Mixes fabulously in a burnt orange/raw sienna ombre.

o             Venetian Red: A moderately shimmered dark red with blue undertones, that mixes perfectly with Love Letter.

o             Warm Taupe: A familiar shade, reminiscent of Naked palettes, but with yellow undertones. Matte and creamy.

o             Realgar: a yellow undertoned rusty red shade, almost half-way between Burnt Orange and Red Ochre; Matte and creamy.

Side Note: Actually, surprisingly, for once, the brush included is actually usable! The fluffy or blending side is a little scratchy but it’s okay, the other side though is fantastic. Bonus!

Though I absolutely love this palette, one con is the packaging. Though the palette packaging is a beautiful pale pink and quite sturdy, it does get incredibly dirty due to the material on the front of the palette. This personally doesn’t bother me much and isn’t a ‘deal breaker’ by any means, but it is something to note!

Now if you still struggle to perfect your eyeliner, you will appreciate the real talent behind this girl. Unlike a lot of makeup artists, Tala showcases more natural looks, which are wearable on a day-to-day basis.

Here’s how she graced my eyelids using the Modern Renaissance palette…

The look turned out to be so “me” … I loved the femininity and polish of it!

My favorite part? Tala has an Instagram account, dedicated for her work and she even lists the exact products used to achieve the looks. So all of the guesswork is taken out of the equation for us girls who have trouble getting the same look back at home. Take one look at her Instagram and you’re bound to be inspired!

Hope you enjoyed, ladies! If you have any go-to beauty products or techniques you swear by, I’d love to hear in the comments! 🙂

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