When Life Isn’t What You Wanted It To Be

Sometimes we pride ourselves in saying the things that we’re all thinking as millennials, but unable to put into words.

Call it bravery, stupidity, or simply being fed up with enduring the same old romantic patterns— but, let’s be real: a lot of us would rather admit to waxing our moustaches than publicly project our failures. ​Our close-knit group of friends (and whoever takes the time to analyze the memes we tag each other in) is the only audience privy to our secrets. And even then, we don’t tell them everything.

We don’t want to come across as whiny, childish or— heaven forbid— needy.

So, we bottle up the bulk of our frustrations, hastily shoving them in the back of our minds like the pointless knowledge that we acquired from 11th grade statistics. We assume neutral personalities, swallowing our feelings until they’re reduced to hollow bones.

In result, we commit the same crimes and make the same mistakes, spinning on the same, fucked up merry-go-round that we’ve been seated on since our early teens.

In a perfect world, we’d permit ourselves to speak candidly about our pitfalls and learn from them like the civilized adults that we try to be. Perhaps if we are rational and vocal about what eats us alive, we can finally make sense of this broken world.

But why be rational when you can silently overanalyze every element of your life until you’ve pictured yourself alone in your forties with 17 cats?

For the sake of my own personal sanity, I strive to be “that girl” on this blog. I’m not afraid of the backlash. Allow me to shed some candid, raw light on the reoccurring skeletons in my closet (and quite possibly yours, too).

The other day I reached for a ballpoint and scrawled into the margin of one of the pages: “why do we settle for anything less than magic in our life?”

And in typical fashion, this fleeting thought of mine has inspired a blog post.

Even if we don’t have it written out in pen and ink, each of us has some sort of mental list illustrating what our ‘ideal life’ looks like. Granted, I’m all about accepting the unexpected in life and not being afraid of the unknown, but I, too, have a picture of how I’d like to be living my life, tucked out-of-sight in my brain somewhere. ​

Side note: It’s normal for our ‘ideal life’ list to change as we grow, and sometimes things that we “never in a million years” would want, becomes a cherished blessing. But this is besides my point.

In the words of my favorite poet, R.H. Sin:
“What we claim we want rarely matches up with what we allow or accept.”

It’s almost like we know what we want and deserve, to an extent. We’re not stupid. But, we accept something else, just to not upset the balance. If we lash out too quickly in a feverish expression of “wait, this isn’t what I want!!! I don’t deserve this!!!!” we could potentially scare the shit out of everyone we know. So, we stay rooted right where we are. Even if it isn’t ideal.

​It is quite alarming when I consider the sheer number of my personal friends and family—myself included— that have ever felt “stuck.”

Stuck with an emotionally abusive partner.
Stuck in a major that they strongly hate.
Stuck in a battle over their appearance.

We’ve been so stuck in this unwanted quicksand that life has dealt us, and instead of hauling our asses out, we’ve settled. We’ve accepted that this is ‘just how it goes’ and that we’ll have to ‘suck it up and maybe things will get better’.

A prime example: toxic relationships/friendships and feeling “stuck” with people.

A lot of us sometimes feel trapped in our relationships and we don’t quite know why.
I’ve known friends who have been cheated on repetitively, and still refuse to leave the relationship in the past. I used to be angry on my friend’s behalf, thinking, “how on earth could you stay with a cheater?!” But then it dawned on me that perhaps it isn’t their stupidity that causes one party to stay with a cheating second party— it’s their optimism.

The reason why we can’t let go of people sometimes, is because deep down we still feel hope.

“Maybe if I stay, things will get better. He/She’ll stop. He/She’ll love only me,” we think to ourselves, desperately, searching for any shred of hope that we can latch onto. We replay the “good times” in our heads like a vintage highlight reel.

But riddle me this: has any child ever dreamt, “when I grow up, I want to be with a man/woman who is repetitively unfaithful. I want to be with someone who I put up with, simply because I’m either too in love— or too afraid— to leave.” I certainly hope not.

However, it’s much deeper than this simple concept, and we all know it.
Quitting cigarettes is one thing, but a completely separate beast is trying to quit a person.

It doesn’t even have to be as severe as cheating. There is a feeling that creeps into relationships sometimes (with friends, boyfriends, girlfriends etc.) in which we just don’t vibe with it as much as we used to. Call it “falling out of love,” “boredom,” or simply a sensation of “blah.”

So why do we stay? Why do we remain where we are not entirely happy?

Are we lazy? Busy? Or, rather, just so deathly afraid of the unknown?

More often than not, it’s fear that binds us to certain unwanted elements of our lives. 

I don’t know about you, but ten years from now, I want to be able to say that I had a hand in cultivating my life, and didn’t settle for the cards that were thrown my way.

If you find yourself living a life that doesn’t feel like it belongs to you, change it.

At one point in your life, you might desperately want to sprout a six-pack of abs overnight.
But a nutritionist would tell you, “you can’t expect to see change in your appearance if you keep eating the same way you always have. Abs are made in the kitchen.”

So, you trade your cool ranch Doritos for kale.

The same thing goes for your life. If you want to start living a beautiful life that you wholeheartedly deserve, you can’t keep living the way you’ve always lived. You can’t keep tolerating the same things that you’ve always tolerated.

You can’t keep accepting dirt when you deserve diamonds. 

It’s like ordering the prime rib and settling when the waiter brings you a questionable-looking slab of meat by mistake. “Ah, it’s alright, this is just how it goes!”

You aren’t stupid for being optimistic about parts of your life that aren’t going well. However, if you know in your heart that you are in a place, or with a person, that isn’t working, you’d be stupid to stay.


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  1. Joey zouein

    “We’ve been so stuck in this unwanted quicksand that life has dealt us, and instead of hauling our asses out, we’ve settled. We’ve accepted that this is ‘just how it goes’ and that we’ll have to ‘suck it up and maybe things will get better’.”

    Thank you for speaking up the words i keep repeating to myself (but helplessly ignore). It’s so refreshing to see someone dealing with my own problems and actually writting them down for all of us to see. Thank you for the motivation i didn’t know i was looking for, i loved meeting you via those words. Beautifully put btw, as an amateur writter i enjoyed your style.

    • Joey you literally made my day! You honestly have no idea how badly I needed to hear this. We’re really in the same boat together and there is sooo much good just waiting for us! Thank YOUUU so muchh❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Don’t know how I ended up on your page , but I enjoyed reading every word . Meaningful and daring reality 🙂
    Fly on and let the good times roll