Knits and Rips

It’s safe to say that my style is a far cry from “tomboy” in any sense of the word (I mean… have you seen all the pink I have going on around here?) so combining “olive green pants” with “I’m obsessed with this thing” may leave you scratching your head. Really? Olive green? Pants? Care to expand?

Knits and RipsKnits and Rips

Knits and Rips Knits and RipsKnits and RipsKnits and RipsKnits and RipsDo you understand the obsession, now?

You know when you find a favorite sweater, and you’re like, Ohhh, I’m gonna wear you a thousand times?  (And if you’re trying to act like you don’t chat with your clothes occasionally, you can just stop right there.)  Well, this cold shoulder sweater (ON SALE) and I are new besties for the resties…OK?

Crazy clothes lady aside, for whatever reason, I haven’t tried the “cold shoulder” silhouette until coming across this beauty. The verdict? In love! Wearing this shade of pale pink is a great way to lighten things up in the winter while still staying cozy and warm, especially if your closet is bursting to the seams with dark colored everything… #guilty.

Right after picking up the sweater, I wandered into Zara (Never a smart idea… NEVER…) and these precious ripped olive green pants were just waiting for me! How could I say no… not only do they match this top perfectly, they’re high waisted and will go with everything for the coming months.

Over the past few seasons, I’ve started seeing girls rock camouflage into their own style. I always loved the little tastes of it here and there, but until now could never find a way to incorporate it that stayed true to my own style sphere. Then this number fell into my lap!  Oh, and did I mention that I’m also buying them in black, because it would be a crime not to, right? All together now… “Right, Marwa!” Say it.

Knits, rips and high-waisted silhouettes… introduce these three stereotypically (and wonderfully) feminine fashion elements to each other, and you’ve got an immediate customer in this girl!

I’m so curious as to what you think about this look since it’s a liiittle different from my homeless uni look. I’d love to hear in the comments!

I hope everyone is having a fabulous holiday, and is looking forward to all the merriment ahead these next few days!❤️

Outfit Details

High-waisted Ripped Pants | Cold Shoulder Sweater | Fringed Faux Patent Loafers | Quilted Chain Shoulder Bag



  1. Love this look!! will definitely try it ASAP! keep it up Marwaaa <3

    • I’m super glad you do! I’m pretty sure you’ll rock it! THANK YOU SOUHAAA❤️❤️❤️