In The Pursuit Of Preppiness

In The Pursuit Of Preppiness In The Pursuit Of Preppiness In The Pursuit Of PreppinessIn The Pursuit Of Preppiness

Before we begin, I have a question for you… Do you and your mama share the same style? I suppose a better question might be, has she influenced yours at all? Because it’s safe to say my answer is a big. fat. YES to all of the above! And I’m laughing to myself as I put together this post, because she quite literally styled today’s look. Way to go, mama. I truly am my mother’s daughter!

I don’t think I could dream up a more perfect preppy combination if I tried! If you know of my love for classic, preppy pieces, it shouldn’t surprise you that I am head over running shoes in love with this outfit!

Have you ever tried something on expecting it to look horrible, only to be pleasantly surprised? This sleeveless coat was something I’d typically walk straight by… the length alone was enough to keep me moving! A couple extra inches along the hem is all it takes for a piece to totally overwhelm me! It‘s a definite change-up from regular coats and cardigans, and a refreshing way to brave the chilly weather all in one. Slow clap for whatever whim caused my sister to bring back home this thing, because it’s now one of my favorite pieces!

So friends, I thought I’d bring this casual, happy and super classic look to you this Sunday. Here’s to hoping it sets the tone for our week ahead!❤️❤️

Outfit Details:

New Look Sleeveless Coat | Jack Wills White Shirt | Zara Leggings | St. John’s Bay Crossbody | Ralph Lauren Infinity Scraf | Nike Roshe One


  1. Simplicity. That beats everything. Loved the outfit! Oh and by the way, feed us with more posts.