Eid Maxis

If you’re anything like me, you have “oh, that’s cute” moments… and then you have “THAT.HAS.TO.BE.MINE.” moments in the shopping world. The “oh, that’s cute” is great and all… until, that is, you find the showstopper. And all of a sudden, you don’t know why you have a closet full of “that’s cute” when all you’ve been needing this whole time is the showstopper.

Friends. Meet the showstopper, the “THAT.HAS.TO.BE.MINE.”…this floral maxi dress!IMG_1741IMG_1762 IMG_1785Classically feminine, quintessentially flattering, appropriately modern… it’s all of my favorite style attributes wrapped into one big bundle of charm. And I’m just not sure there’s really that much more to say about it. It’s just that good.

I love how this gorgeous floral print POPS on the soft pale blue backdrop and the breezy style is super flattering too. Maxi dresses are great for women of all shapes and sizes especially if you are looking to elongate your body, turn heads, and hide your little Eid food baby! And by little, I should clarify that I consumed a full box of Ma’amoul all by myself. I should also clarify that I am not exaggerating.

And quick shoutout in the accessories department… these are hands down my favorite sandals of the season. The platform is incredibly elongating, and they truly go with everything. The most important part? They’re on sale right now!

❤I hope you’re having a lovely Eid weekend surrounded by the people you love!❤

If I look awkward in these photos, it’s because the humidity was  basically 100% and a family was staring us down the whole 5 minutes it took us to shoot. LOVE when that happens… ha!

Outfit Details:

Floral Maxi Dress | Lace-up Espadrille Sandals (on Sale) | Bucket Bag (on Sale)

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