Blush Crush

Friends, I blinked…and a whole summer passed since my last outfit post. THREE months. Isn’t that how summer goes, though? It trudges along at a seemingly moderate, conservative pace for two months, and then BAM. Without warning, We’re already in the second week of the semester. It’s thrilling how suddenly I’m in my third year of university, and it’s completely terrifying at the same time…know what I mean?

Scroll below to find the part where I ramble. Because rambling is something I’m rather good at. You’ve been warned.

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That may sound silly, but this summer I’ve realized there are so many hours in the day I spend on worthless things. (You know that dazed, time-lapse feeling after spending an hour scrolling through Instagram and Facebook?) I’ve found reading, on the other hand, to be the best relaxer- one that leaves you feeling enriched, not dazed.

There’s so much to be learned and gleaned from the pages of a book. My primary goal is to spend more time in the Word itself, but I also need to pick up a few books to supplement. I’d LOVE to hear your own recommendations!

Enough self-reflecting, now back to the outfit!

There are a few things in this world I will buy in each and every color I find them in. And in this case, I’m talking about something other than sweets, believe it or not. Culottes ( LOL! This.Sounds.So.Wrong…I laughed every single time I typed this word) are absolutely one such thing.

*Sigh of happiness.* Just the fun, feminine touch I didn’t need at all but wanted absolutely needed. I decided to play up the glam and pair a classic cream lace bodysuit with a pair of blush culottes. I’ve recently come to love their silhouette…they manage to hit at the smallest part of your waist and flatter your entire shape! Since wearing crop tops can be a headache, my favorite, tried-and-true trick is to pair them with high-waisted bottoms! That way, you still get a cropped look without getting too revealing.

Whenever we reach the end of a season, I always feel a mixture of sadness leaving it behind and excitement surrounding what’s ahead. With fall, we CERTAINLY have lots to look forward to. I would love to hear about what this summer has looked like for you!

❤Before I sign off, I hope everyone is off to a lovely start of the week and may Allah’s blessings be showered on you this Adha❤

PS: Excuse the lion’s mane 🙁 It was a super bad hair day!

Outfit Details:

Cream Bodysuit | Blush Culottes | Strappy Wedge Sandals | Beaded Clutch



  1. Dima Abdallah

    Marwa, looooove this outfit!!!! Keep it up iam looking forward for Winter! ❤️ Kisses