13 Pants That’ll Make You Give Up Your Skinnies

I never thought I’d say it, but suddenly my favorite skinny jeans aren’t looking quite as trendy as I thought they always would. It shouldn’t come as a surprise – I mean, haven’t pant trends fluctuated in a continual cycle since the dawn of, well, women wearing pants?

Still, trying on that first pair of flared or wide-leg pants can be an eye-opening experience, and I’m still getting used to the way that such a drastically different silhouette looks on my body. It feels classic, grown-up, and somehow even sexier than a skintight skinny leg.

What do you guys think? Are you ready to give up your skinnies for one of the different styles featured below?1cc388d913fb568056884bd32f19dbba eedc302720d20b645b26a9cf1d5e2d70 ef19a7f89919914429c3e05133770c53 ab96073ef3090c72308cf17466c5ec68 60357a1cd58e60ad03e1bf60474f1478

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13 Pants That'll Make You Give Up Your Skinnies




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